Advance Review: Old Man Logan

Giant Sized Wolverine #1
Giant Sized Wolverine #1

Mark Millar has always seemed to hold a deep love of Americana, and all it’s many perverse splendors.

You may recall over a year ago, Millar mentioned that he found it humorous to think of the Hulk having a family of inbred mutant freaks, like something from The Hills Have Eyes.   That was perhaps the first film reference in the story, but far from the last.  Millar’s story drew from many different sources (more than I recognized, I’m sure) including The Road Warrior, Escape From New York, and The Descent (I think).   And of course, Logan himself has always been a bit of an homage to Clint Eastwood’s Man With No Name.  That characterization has been especially poignant in Old Man Logan and the reference is pretty much hammered in throughout this issue.

But in the final moments of Old Man Logan, I believe Millar slipped in one more reference, as this issue feels like a super-powered Deliverance.

It’s Wolverine slaughtering a hundred cousin/sister-screwing hillbillies.    Having kicked the action up to 11 in the last issue, Millar keeps the ride going.  After killing the Red Skull, Wolverine has arrived home to find that the Hulk’s inbred grandchildren (or children, it’s never clear which is which) have murder his family.   And of course, the claws (literally) come out.

The joke is that eighty years ago the Hulk and his cousin She-Hulk decide it’s only natural for them to do the nasty and have the kind of babies that make God cry.   And somehow after several decades of what I can only assume resulted from Bruce Banner impregnating every green hoo-ha in sight, he lords over a massive trailer park of hillbilly hulk juniors.  Make sense?    Of course not.  And your enjoyment of this issue will depend heavily on your ability to suspend disbelief. Don’t look too closely.  Don’t ask too many questions.  Don’t wonder why every single member of the Hulk Gang seems to have a half-eaten hand or foot in their hand at all times (even when breast-feeding an infant).  And whatever you do, don’t ask whether She-Hulk was raped to death or if Bruce just got bored and ate her too.


It’s all good, messy fun.  But it makes absolutely NO SENSE.

Surprisingly, after dozens of dismemberments and more disembowelments than I care to think about on a full stomach, it all wraps up in an oddly poetic way.  The ending ties up several of Millar’s dangling intestines plot threads, and leaves the road open for Logan to walk back in one day in our future.

I’m certain this story will never be canonical in Marvel’s history of Wolverine. That said, if they want to bring on more stories of Old Man Logan, I would more than welcome it.

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