7 Websites Every Nerd Should Visit

Nothing to do with anything, but Freddy Kreuger’s pedophie brother makes me laugh.

Editor’s note: We’ve created an updated list of nerd websites since this post. Click HERE to read more.


Ah interwebs… “the cause of and solution to all life’s problems.”  At least until Alcoholics discover Jet pack technology.

Like many of you, I avoid actual responsible and productive action at work by frequenting Facebook and other useless websites. Thank god for Hulu.

I thought I would pass on a few of my favorites to you today.

You’re welcome.

For the sake of common sense, I’m excluding typical sites such as CBR, IGN and Aintitcool.com simply bc you probably either read them or know they exist. Not all of these sites are specifically comic related, but it’s all geeky goodness.

1. Questionable Content –  QC is the indy music nerd’s webcomic paradise.  Creator Jeph Jacques is funny as hell and nerdy as all get out.   His comic is sort of like Friends if Ross and Rachel were Black Flag fans, Monica were into nipple torture and Phoebe was afraid of her own genitalia (they have germs!).    As an added bonues, I was introduced to Something Positive and Girls With Slingshots through the comic.

2. Pop Candy –  USA Today, like most newspapers isn’t good for much anymore, yet their website does feature one hidden gem. Writer Whitney Matheson uses her daily blog to root out pop culture goodness wherever the internet may hide it.  She’s like the Scooby Gang crossed with Talk Soup.   Also she’s one of the few big media journalists who doesn’t treat the comics community like 8 year olds with DOWNS Syndrome.  Although she does have the annoying habit of referring to EVERYTHING as a Graphic Novel.  *pet peeve*

3.  Topless Robot  –  a former Wizard staff member goes rogue.  Evil ensues.   TR is a fav for one reason.  Fan Fiction Friday.  Think Talk Soup (yeah, again) but picking apart bad fan fic.  It’s definitely a mature audiences  thing, but absolutely HYSTERICAL.    Don’t believe me?  Start with this piece entitled  WHOSE RESPONSIBLE THIS???? And by the way, Jason, that needs to be the next BSI button.

4. Has Boobs, Reads Comics – a hot chick who digs comics.  NUFF.  SAID.

5. Project Rooftop –  it’s literally Project Runway for comic artists.  They post redesigned hero costumes.  Some bad, some okay, and some just friggin awesome.

6. IO9 – another pop/ scifi/ comic blog.  They tend to infuriate me as much as please me, but it’s a good site with a nice blend of genres.

7. twitter – i know.  there are two types of people on the internet.  people on twitter and people who think people on twitter are obnoxious self-obsessed dipsticks who expect the world to hang on their every word.   the thing is, twitter is one of the best data streams available if you’re following the right people.  a wealth of information is presented through Push technology.  you’d be amazed what you’ll run across.

I was trying to make it to ten, but I kind of ran out of obvious sites after this. The rest of my bookmarks are p— … anyway.  But since I have your undivided attention, I would like to remind you of some of the BSI staff and contributors sites.

BSIcomics.com, in addition to posting regular content such as weekly comic recommendations and occasional articles on the industry or movies, BSI now has IT’S VERY OWN PODCAST!  We’re called Graphic Panels. Check us out here, on iTunes or on Stitcher!

Monty-  LaMonte’s Welcome to Border City just got released in book form.  But that’s no reason not to check it out.

Jon-  You know Jon.  Tall guy at the register.  Looks like a slightly suspicious version of Jesus.  So anyway, you may not know but Tall Dark and Jesus has his own comic, Skipjack.  Jon writes.  His brother draws. You read.  Got it?

Blake- Mr 2 in 1 does more than just tickle your ear lobe and travel to your medula oblongata on the comics train.  he also writes a regular blog, occasional novels, and posts on CX Pulp.  and he teaches your children to do his evil bidding, but that’s neither here nor there.

Alright.  I’m done.  If you have any other good sites, post a link in the comments.


I use naughty words to hilarious effect.

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