Weekly Recommendations: Zero Hour

Well, we’re finally back on track.  Since there were no recs for last week’s books, I wanted to share with you a few that I loved.  Hawkeye.  Check out my review, then get on this book. Earth 2 #0 and it’s counterpart, World’s Finest #0.  I haven’t been big on World’s Finest, but I loved this issue.  Animal Man and Swamp Thing‘s zero issues are great.  In fact, you should really try most of DC’s zero issues.  Many of them have been excellent.  The first issue of the Guarding the Globe ongoing is out. This is a spinoff of my favorite book, Invincible.  Lastly, check out the best X book you’re not reading, X-Factor.

Batman #0

How did Bruce Wayne fight crime before Batman?  Also, the back-up looks in on the early lives of the first 3 Robins.

Demon Knights #0

Merlin’s secrets are revealed, including why Jason Blood was joined with the Demon Etrigan.

Green Lantern Corps #0

How did Guy Gardner get such a big chip on his shoulder? How did he get his ring?

Batgirl #0

Barbara Gordon’s trial by fire; the events that led to her becoming Batgirl.

Manhattan Projects #6

What were the Russians doing while the Manhattan Projects went on?  Please try this series. It’s among the best books on the market.

Fantastic Four #610

Hickman’s run is coming to an end with this arc.  The Fantastic Four face AIM and the Wizard.

Harbinger #4

Valiant’s best series continues to improve with each issue.  Peter gets pushed to the breaking point and there’s no telling what will happen next.

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe #2

Adam continues his journey to discover the truth about what is going on and find himself at the mercy of an enemy and possibly a friend.

Journey Into Mystery #643

Kieron Gillen’s last arc on one of my favorite books is crossing over with Fraction’s Mighty Thor.  Believe the hype! Everything burns!!

Wolverine and the X-Men #16

Journey into the mind of a pre-pubescent sociopath!

Avengers vs X-Men Round 11

Everything changes in this issue.  Nothing will be the same.  I promise.

X-Treme X-Men #3

The X-men challenge the Gods of another dimension.


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