Weekly Recommendations: Savage

Hello all!

As we start off a great new week of comics, don’t forget that Peter Mayhew will be here for a blood drive on Friday the 25th!

I’d also like to mention that X-Factor #250 is out this week.  The writer- Peter David, best known for defining the Hulk  for over a decade as well as writing countless other great stories for over 2 decades, recently suffered a stroke.  I’d like to wish him a speedy recovery.

Now, onto the comics:

Batman #16

Batman enters Arkham Asylum where the Joker has set a trap for him. And this time, he may not escape. Death of the Family.

batman 16

Threshold #1

Keith Giffen and Tom Raney launch DC’s new Cosmic book, Threshold. The first story arc is called THE HUNTED.  Giffen channels a classic Scifi film for this story. (See if you can guess which.) The back-up stars everyone’s favorite Orange Lantern- Larfleeze!


Demon Knights #16

The new creative team takes over and jumps the Demon Knights 30 years into the future. So where have the Knights been?

Indestructible Hulk #3


Saga #9

The Will actually has something good happen.

Daredevil #22

Daredevil vs the new “Superior” Spider-man!!!

New Avengers #2

T’Challa assembles the Illuminati and we discover just what kind of a threat would force him to allow Namor onto the shores of Wakanda.


X-Factor #250

Part 1 of the Hell on Earth War! Rahne’s son has sparked a war that will literally bring Hell to Earth. Can X-Factor stop it??? Probably not.


Savage Wolverine #1

Wolverine wakes up in the Savage Land with no idea how he got there and no idea how to get himself (or Shanna the She-Devil) out.

Savage Wolverine



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