Weekly Recommendations: Storm has a Mohawk and Other Wonders

Woo! New comics!

It’s kind of a small week, honestly.  Hey? You know what’s not small? Chewbacca!  Remember to come by THIS FRIDAY to meet Peter Mayhew (that’s Chewbacca of course!) and give blood.

We also have a new episode of Graphic Panels, where we discuss a book that shaped me as a reader. Click on the link for Graphic Panels on Starman.

Batwoman #16

Kate and Wonder Woman stand over a devastated Gotham.  It’s every m… woman for herself as they take on the forces of Medusa. God, this is a beautiful book.


Wonder Woman #16

Wonder Woman vs Orion AND her brother! Plus Hera gets drunk.


Avengers #3

The last issue of Jonathan Hickman’s opening run on Avengers.  Captain America leads a team to rescue the Avengers on Mars.

FF #3

Well. The cover about says it all.


Uncanny X-Force #1

Psylocke is down on her luck, so she and Storm (now with articulating mohawk action) go to kick Spiral’s …spiral.

Young Avengers #1

A new team of Young Avengers starts to come together.  So far it isn’t going so well for them.young avengers


I use naughty words to hilarious effect.