No Spoilers- Super Sons

So it has been many moons since comics fans got to watch the World’s Finest Teens, Conner Kent and Tim Drake, in action.

In essence, neither character exists anymore.**  And even though we finally got Wally West back, I doubt that we’ll ever see those characters return to greatness.  It’s a shame, because I think DC needs the spark of characters like those.  Geoff Johns’ Teen Titans brought a sense of adventure and the feeling of being relatable to the DCU.

It’s for these reasons that I have been anxious for the debut of Super Sons, the new DC Rebirth title starring the sons of Batman and Superman. It’s written by Peter Tomasi, who told the story of Batman and Damien Wayne learning to relate to each other in Detective Comics,  and is currently writing about Superman and Jon Kent’s relationship in Superman.

Jorge Jimenez is the artist. He previously did some fill in work on Tomasi’s Superman title. I really think this guy is going to be big.  He falls somewhere between Scottie Young, Doc Shaner and Humberto Ramos.

I won’t lie, Super Sons number one felt kind of short. It was a basic set up issue, showing the difference between the lives of Damien Wayne and Jon Kent and eventually pairing them together.  That isn’t to say the issue isn’t great. It is.  Something about that cameo at the end has me super excited.

Short or not, Super Sons #1 tells me that Tomasi and Jimenez are going to deliver on the book’s promise.  What if Superman/Batman were fun? What if the World’s Finest hadn’t reached puberty?  And in a way it’s sort of like viewing Superman and Batman through funhouse mirrors.  Jon and Damien are just exaggerated versions of their fathers.

Obviously it’s too early to tell if Super Sons will be among the standouts of the Rebirth era, but I have high hopes for this one.

Super Sons #1 is on sale now at your friendly neighborhood BSI.


**Note, I am well aware that there was some version of Superboy in the New 52 and there is a character named Tim Drake, but these are not the characters that fans loved. In fact, “Tim Drake” is now an alias that the character created in witness protection. He literally isn’t Tim Drake.


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