This week debuts the first of two preludes to DC’s universe-wide event, Dark Nights: Metal.

Dark Days: The Forge is similar in presentation, though not in style to Countdown to Infinite Crisis (2005).  A deep mystery is presented. Readers follow along as the first clues are laid out in a mystery that runs deep into the lore of the DC Universe.  At the center of this mystery is Batman.  He’s been keeping dark secrets from the rest of the Justice League.

Dark Nights: Metal revolves around the origins of Nth Metal, a special element that Hawkman and the Thanagarian race wield.  The metal has a host of seemingly magical properties, but no one knows where it comes from or what gives Nth Metal its power.

The Forge is co-written by Scott Snyder and James Tynion, with art by a cast of all star artists including Jim Lee.


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