Generations: An Introduction

This week is the start of Marvel’s Legacy initiative.

Legacy is Marvel’s plan to let the fans know that they haven’t forgotten about the classic characters and that they still have plans.  The thrust of Legacy is a series of one-shots called Generations.  Each one shot in Generations will have the current version of a hero meeting his or her predecessor.  For instance, Carol Danvers will fight alongside Mar-vell.

While it isn’t entirely clear how these stories will fit together, it seems as if many will lead into other story arcs for the characters.

The first issue is Generations: The Strongest, focusing on Bruce Banner and Amadeus Cho.  When Cho finds himself in the past and staring down the barrel of the Hulk about to Smash, he’ll be forced to face some things about himself.

The Strongest is available for sale as of today at your friendly neighborhood BSI or wherever comic books are sold.


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