For the past several years, BSI has hosted a free monthly workshop open to everyone, known as Super Saturdays.  We’ve enjoyed sharing our love of creation and art with our community.

Unfortunately, BSI will no longer be hosting Super Saturday, effective immediately.

However, we will be replacing Super Saturday with…

So what’s the difference?  Well, when our event comes back (probably in September), it will be slightly different.  Over the past several years, BSI has absorbed the cost of the workshops, preferring to provide them freely to our customers.  Makerspace Saturday events will no longer be free.  Most of the events will cost a nominal fee of $5.  The fee goes towards materials.  This will allow us to do new projects that have been cost prohibitive to us in the past.  The fee may be more for certain projects, but we will let you know clearly when and if that happens.  Higher fees will probably apply more to science and technology projects.

There may be other changes here and there. We’re still working out a few details as we move forward.

Thank you for being a part of our community.


I use naughty words to hilarious effect.