Books of the Week: Seekers of the Guardians of the Galaxy of the Weird


Guardians of the Galaxy Complete Collection- now a major motion picture!!!

Top 5: BatMANiversary


It’s actually the Top 7 this week.

Flashback Episode: I Kill Giants


This episode takes place in the past, when Adam and Casey discussed I Kill Giants.

Top 5: Life, Death and Rebirth

robin rises omega

The Top 5 Biggest Comics Releases of the Week

Episode 12: SOLO


AshleyRose takes a break for her show Under the Boardwalk (which you should go see at Le Petit Theatre now thru July 26th), so Adam goes SOLO. This shortened episode features a review of Transformers: Age of Extinction and the preview footage of Guardians of the Galaxy. (Get the full written review here.) Click HERE […]

Guardians of the Galaxy Preview-Review


A Review of the Preview of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Episode 11: Inappropriate Cartoon Discussions

Adam and AshleyRose (aka Fred/ Jojo) talk their Top 8 Cartoons.

Books of the Week: Gosh Darn Batman

Absolute Batman Robin HC

The best Trades, Graphic Novels and Hardcovers released this week.

Top 5: Rocket Raccoon

rocket raccoon 1

The Top 5 biggest comics released this week.

Episode 10: Girl Meets Armageddon


Adam and AshleyRose discuss comics, Nathan Fillion, Michael Bay, TMNT & Boy Meets World