Vault Episode: Casanova


Discussing Matt Fraction’s Casanova.

Book of the Week: The Bunker

BUNKER banner

Fialkov and Infurnari’s killer indie comic.

Book of the Week: Spider-verse Omnibus


Spider-verse Omnibus

Book of the Week: Secret Six


Secret Six: Villains United

Book of the Week: Hawkeye vs Deadpool

hawkeye vs deadpool

Review: Superman Earth One- v.3

earth one

Spoiler free review of Superman Earth One. Book of the Week.

Books of the Week: Death of Wolverine

death of wolverine hc

Books of the Week

Books of the Week: Authority

Thunderbolts vol 5

The Books of the Week

Book of the Week: Guardians, Guardians Everywhere!


This week there are 2 Guardians of the Galaxy books out.  The Bendis Hardcover Volume 3 and the last volume of the original Abnett and Lanning run. ALSO! You can get the GotG movie soundtrack for free, this week only on Google Play! So get on it.

Book of the Week: Batman/ Superman

thor and loki 10th realm

Batman/ Superman Volume 1 Thor and Loki: The Tenth Realm Invincible Volume 20