BSI Comics Podcast Episode 11: Fangirl Fatale

Everyone’s favorite fangirl, Ashley Rose is back!

Christmas Eve Comics!

New Comics Day is on Christmas Eve!

Top 5 11.20.13

The biggest comics released this week.

All New Showcase Episode 295: The Return of the Return of the Return

It’s the season of returns in this week’s Showcase, as Blake returns to Pittsburgh and Erin returns to the show! We start off with the return of The Walking Dead for season four, then delve into the announcements from this weekend’s New York Comic-Com! The return of Miracleman! The return of the New Warriors! The […]

Showcase One-Shot #12: Podcast Problems

This week, Apple released the big iOS7 update, which is pretty cool. Also, the iTunes 11.1 update… which is the exact opposite of cool. Blake rants a little bit here. Contact us with comments, suggestions, or anything else at! And what’s cool this week? To make up for this rant, Blake hits you with […]

All New Showcase Episode 294: Whoa-Oh-Oh, It’s Magic!

Blake and Kenny make the trek to Slidell for the second Magic Mini-Con! The guys chat with Vernon Smith about his new comic Hide, Travis Hymel and Joe Badon about the upcoming Memoirs of the Mysterious, as well as Travis’s webcomic Punch and Joe’s Outside the Lines graphic novel, and Kurt Amacker gives us an […]

Weekly Recommendations: Unleash Hell

New comics for the week of August 7th.

Weekly Recommendations: Gods

In this week’s new comics, GODS. WILL. FALL.

Weekly Recommendations: SALE!

This week’s BSI recommended comics.

Weekly Recommendations: Heroes Fall

New comics!