EP 38: Aquaman is Cool Now?


Fletch and Adam talk news.



TOP 5 Comics of the week.

All New Showcase Episode 312: Secret Convergence

Marvel and DC have both made big announcements lately about the big events that are coming down the line, and this week Blake and Erin break them down. We talk about Secret Wars and the announced (so far) crossover titles, DC’s Convergence and the June mini-relaunch of the DCU! And what’s cool this week? Erin […]

Top 5: The Dead and the Dying

unc avengers 1

Top 5 comics releases of the week.

All New Showcase Episode 311: Wizard World New Orleans 2015

The convention tour has started again, and this week the Showcase gang walks the floor of Wizard World New Orleans 2015. Blake, Erin, Mike and Kenny talk about some of their finds, the challenge of collectible-diving, and ask the true burning question: are we reaching a saturation point for comic book conventions? And what’s cool […]

Top 5: Robin Rises

robin rises alpha

On sale December 24th, 2014

Top 5: Batman 37

batman 37

The Top 5 biggest comics releases of the week.

Episode 29: Like Han, I’m Solo


Adam flies SOLO and talks Star Wars

Ep 27: Joel Shoemacher Killed My Father


Adam and Wayne of the MHOG talk about pop culture stuff.

All New Showcase Episode 310: Six Years of Super Cinema


A few weeks ago, Warner Bros announced their slate of planned DC Comics movies through 2020. Not to be outdone, Marvel hit us with Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe a few days later. With Sony and Fox joining the fray with their licenses, there are over three dozen superhero movies in the works […]