All New Showcase Episode 301: The Marvel Cinematic Universe-Now What?

Now that the guys have absorbed the cataclysmic events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, they’re ready to sit back and talk about how this will affect the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. How is this going to change Agents of SHIELD? What’s going to be different in the Marvel movies and TV shows […]

Legends of the Knight Movie Event

See a great documentary and help a great charity. Also, Batman.

Top 5: Eternal

The Top 5 Biggest Comics Releases of the Week.

Showcase One Shot #16: Geek Media Inventory

With the world around him determined to make everything into a competition, this week Blake refuses to play the game. Instead, he talks about the many, many comic book properties currently in development as TV shows and movies, and explains why — no matter what you feel about any project in particular — it’s all […]

Top 5: Hawkguy

The Top 5 Biggest Comics Releases of the Week.

All New Showcase at the Movies #40: The LEGO Movie

This week Blake sits down and talks about the longest toy commercial he’s ever seen — and why, amazingly, it actually works. LEGO fans, fear not, this one is for you. And what’s cool this week? How the heck is nobody talking about what happened in Batman and Robin (or Batman and Two-Face, if you […]

Top Five: 2.12.14

The 5 biggest comics on stands this week.

Comics Legend Neal Adams Comes to BSI!

The Great Neal Adams will be at BSI on February 5th!

Top 5: 1.29.14

Top 5 Biggest Comics Releases for the week of January 29th.

Top 5 Comics: 1.22.14

Top 5 Biggest Comic Book Releases of the week.