Top 5: Gold

1. Booster Gold: Future's End #1 2.  Guardians of the Galaxy #19 3. Superman Doomed #2 4. GI Joe #1 5. New Avengers #24 Adam's Picks Thunderbolts #31 Cyclops #5   … [Read more...]

All New Showcase Episode 303: Free Comic Book Day 2014

Free Comic Book Day has come and gone once again! Blake and Mike hang out for a while at BSI Comics talking about the available books, DC’s Showcase series, the return of Booster Gold, changes for Star Wars‘s expanded universe and May the Fourth events under the Disney Regime, and the sad passing of Efram Zimbalist, Jr. Then, Adam from the BSI Comics Podcast hangs out for a … [Read more...]

All New Showcase #292: San Diego 2013

This week, Blake decides it’s high time the Showcase got a new coat of paint, a slightly amended format, and a much snazzier archive page. Welcome to the first episode of the All New Showcase! In this episode, Blake explains the reasons for the change before sitting down with Kenny and Erin to talk about all the news from this year’s San Diego Comic-Con International. … [Read more...]

Graphic Panels Comic Book Rambles

Casey and Adam get together for a general discussion that includes Age of Ultron, Bruce Timm, Robert Kirkman, the DC Nation and ...DR WHO!  Come along, Ponds. LINK:////Graphic Panels Comic Book Rambles … [Read more...]

2 in 1 Showcase Episode 233: Batman-Mask of the Phantasm Commentary

Blake and Kenny get together this week for the first-ever listener-chosen commentary episode, the 1992 animated film Batman: Mask of the Phantasm! The guys use this first ever DCU animated movie as a springboard to talk about the current movies, other shows in the same universe including Superman, Justice League, Static Shock and Batman Beyond, and eventually ask the burning … [Read more...]