Super Saturday Workshop – Mini Comics

Join us on Saturday April 12th at 1:00pm for our next BSI Comics Super Saturday event. This month we’ll be learning how to make mini comics from Caesar Meadows.

BSI Comics Podcast Ep 12: BSI vs Dunham

Adam and Ashley talk news and reviews!

More Websites Every Nerd Should Visit

Some of the best geek-centric websites on the interwebs, including some of our own!

BSI vs the 2013 Adam Awards

Adam, Casey and Fred talk about the best comics of 2013!

BSI Comics Podcast: Re-broadcast

In a repost of an old episode, Adam and Casey discuss the first adventure of pulp bad guy, Parker.

Top 5 Comics- Thanksgiving 2013

The top 5 biggest comics releases for the week of November 27th, 2013.

The Return of the BSI Comics Podcast: Episode 1

BSI Comics Podcast… REBOOT!

Vote for Your Nerd President!

If you were to vote for one Nerd President, who would it be?

To Our Customers, Regarding Villains Month

To our customers, the final word on DC’s 3D Villains books.

DC Comics’ Villains Month

Let us know how you feel about DC’s Villains Month.