Top 5: Devil’s End

The top 5 biggest comic book releases of the week.

Top 5 Comics: 1.15.14

The Top 5 Biggest Comics Releases of the week.

All New Showcase Episode 299: The 2013 Year in Review

In our annual exercise in excess, Blake and Kenny sit down and go through all the big geek news of 2013 — hit movies, comic controversies, and the creators who left us. Plus, we give our picks and yours for the best of 2013! Music provided by Music Alley from Mevio. All New Showcase #299: […]

Top 5 Comics 12.18.13


Top 5 11.20.13

The biggest comics released this week.

Top 5 Comics for 10/23/13

Top 5 Biggest Comics for the week of October 23rd.

Top 5 Comic Book Releases: September 18

Top 5 biggest comic book releases this week.

Weekly Recommendations: HULK SMASH DINOSAUR!

New Comics for the week of August 20th

Weekly Recommendations: Unjust

New comics for the week of July 31st.

Weekly Recommendations: Snyder

New comics!!