Episode 50: Daredevil Spoiler Review


Review of the Netflix series.

Ep 47: A Tale of Two Daredevils


Fletch and Adam talk about the Joker’s new movie look.   Later they discuss the Ben Affleck Daredevil movie and the current Daredevil TV series. To directly download the show, click HERE. To listen to the show via Stitcher, click HERE. You can also subscribe on iTunes. Music: Extreme Fletch’s twitter. Adam and Fletch have a photobooth […]

All New Showcase One-Shot #19: Beginning to Converge

Blake is back! After a short discussion of his absence, and a sincere thank-you to those who helped raise his spirits during his hospital stay, we get into the first week of DC’s Convergence event. What happens when the heroes of DC’s pre-Flashpoint universe encounter those from other worlds? Wally West! A pregnant Lois Lane! […]



TOP 5 Comics of the week.

Top 5: Star Wars!

star wars 1

The top 5 biggest comic book releases of the week.

Top 5: Robin Rises

robin rises alpha

On sale December 24th, 2014


avengers 37

Yes, there is a Bob’s Burgers comic now.

Top 5: Bye Logan

death of wolverine 4

Guess who isn’t coming to dinner?

All New Showcase Episode 306: Marvel Memories (The Showcase/BSI Comics Crossover)

With Marvel’s fan-voted list of their 75 greatest stories making the rounds, Blake joins up with Adam of the BSI Comics Podcast to give their own choices for Marvel’s finest. We discuss Adam’s picks here — to hear Blake’s choices, look for this week’s BSI Comics Podcast! And what’s cool this week? Adam is impressed […]

Top 5: Multiversity

multiversity 1

The Top 5 Biggest Comics Releases of the Week