An Open Letter to Zack Snyder

Mr Snyder, You've been spending a little time lately defending your work with regards to Superman.  Personally, I don't see the need.  Don't misunderstand; Man of Steel is terrible film and is less true to Superman than those Bollywood films you occasionally see on youtube.  But the fact is, the movie is out. It made money and now you've made a movie about Superman punching … [Read more...]

Book of the Week: Sandman Overture

Book of the Week: Sandman Overture Deluxe Edition Hardcover Sandman Overture tells the story of what happened to Morpheus in the opening pages of the original Sandman series.   Writer/ Creator Neil Gaiman and one of the greatest artists in comics,  J.H. Williams III bring you a brand new story in the mythology of Sandman. … [Read more...]


Adam and Fletch discuss news out of this year's New York Comic Con. GL Lost  Army gets an ending.  Stan Lee gets a Graphic Novel.   And Marvel and Pixar get some new movie dates. Fletch's twitter. To directly download the show, click HERE. To listen to the show via Stitcher, click HERE. You can also subscribe on iTunes. Adam and Fletch have a photobooth … [Read more...]

All New Showcase Presents Your Turn to Pick #1: Goodfellas

It’s time for an all-new Showcase feature! Have you ever sat around with your friends, family, or significant other, trying to choose a movie to watch and finally giving up and turning to reruns of The Simpsons? Blake and Erin certainly have. And that’s where this new series comes in! In every episode of this irregularly occurring feature, one of your hosts will choose a movie … [Read more...]


A-Force #1 Convergence #7 Deadpool's Secret Wars #1 Planet Hulk #1 Donald Duck #1   … [Read more...]