Star Wars #1

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Top 5: Star Wars!

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The top 5 biggest comic book releases of the week.

Ep 22- Pod-stile Takeover

The show has been taken over!

Top 5: Diversity

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Top 5 comics releases

Episode 19: Once Upon a Time


AshleyRose talks about the show Once Upon a Time!

Episode 15: The Boys Are Back


The Boys are Back!

Top 5: Rocket Raccoon

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The Top 5 biggest comics released this week.

Top 5: Images

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Top 5 Biggest Comics Releases of the Week.

All New Showcase Episode 304:The 2014 Summer Movie Preview

With the summer movie season in swing, Blake and Erin take the time to go through the next few months of releases and talk about what looks cool, what looks awful, and what movies they’re going to be sure to see. And what’s cool this week? Erin just wants to sleep, so Blake doubles up […]

All New Showcase Episode 302: The 2014 Free Comic Book Day Preview Special

Next Saturday is Free Comic Book Day, and once again, Blake and Kenny kick back and go through all of the books that are going to be available this year. What looks cool? What’s a must-have? And don’t forget, if you’re in the New Orleans area you can hang out with Blake and a plethora […]