Disney Kingdoms: Figment

Disney began their Disney Kingdoms comic book line with Seekers of the Weird, a book based on an abandoned Disney Parks Imagineering project called the Museum of the Weird.   It was excellent, but didn't sell well. For their follow-up comic, they went with a much more familiar project.  One with a little spark of inspiration. Figment is one of Disney's most iconic … [Read more...]

All New Showcase Episode 317: Star Wars Land and More From D23

This weekend was D23, the big biannual Disney convention out in California, and some massive nerd news hit the internet. In this episode Blake and Erin chat about the announcement of Star Wars Land and Toy Story Land, as well as some tidbits about upcoming Disney, Marvel, Pixar and Lucasfilm movies, the expansion of Frozen at Epcot Center, a new Jungle Cruise restaurant, and … [Read more...]

All New Showcase Presents Your Turn to Pick Episode 3: Dragonslayer

It’s time for a Your Turn to Pick movie episode! This week it’s Erin’s turn, and she’d pulling out a film from her childhood, the 1981 fantasy film Dragonslayer. How does it hold up to an adult pair of eyes? And will Blake (who’s never seen it before) enjoy it without the filter of nostalgia? And what’s cool this week? Blake gives us a double dose of comic recommendations … [Read more...]

The Biggest (Podcast) Crossover Event EVER!

We interrupt your regularly scheduled BSI Comics Podcast to bring you something special. Adam got together with 3 other podcasters to do a crossover episode.   The subject is Marvel Superhero Island, the Marvel - based theme park land in Universal Studios Orlando. Universal Studios is currently the only place in the world where you can find rides based on Marvel … [Read more...]

All New Showcase at the Movies Episode 46: Double Feature! Mad Max: Fury Road and Tomorrowland

This Memorial Day weekend, Blake and Erin take in a double feature of sci-fi movies that couldn’t be more different. The reboot/sequel/whatever of the Max Max franchise, Mad Max: Fury Road, is up first — does it live up to the original films? Is Tom Hardy crazy enough to replace Mel Gibson? And who is Erin’s new geek crush? Then, Tomorrowland. Can Brad Bird keep up his winning … [Read more...]