All New Showcase Episode 316: San Diego 2015-We Weren’t There Either

Last weekend was the annual bacchanalia of nerddom known as Comic-Con International: San Diego. And just like every year, Blake and Erin… weren’t there. Instead, with the help of Showcasers on the Facebook Page, they spent the week gathering the coolest and most interesting info from the con to discuss on this week’s show. Their thoughts on the Batman V. Superman: Dawn of … [Read more...]

Mini-Review: Green Lantern Lost Army #1

I stopped reading Green Lantern right after Blackest Night.  The constant GL events grew tiresome.  I tried the book again after Geoff Johns left and DC relaunched the Lantern books, but they still weren't doing anything for me.  At that point DC was going to have to do something either really creative or really drastic to get me back onto Green Lantern comics. With Green … [Read more...]

Ep 39: Finding Nimoy

Fletch and Adam discuss the death of Spock. The Age of Ultron posters are still boring us.  Other topics include why Michelle Rodriguez is awesome and a little girl's letter to DC Comics. Of and Adam explains The Fairy Holocaust Theory. All this and more!! To directly download the show, click HERE. To listen to the show via Stitcher, click HERE. You can also … [Read more...]

All New Showcase Episode 312: Secret Convergence

Marvel and DC have both made big announcements lately about the big events that are coming down the line, and this week Blake and Erin break them down. We talk about Secret Wars and the announced (so far) crossover titles, DC’s Convergence and the June mini-relaunch of the DCU! And what’s cool this week? Erin is all about Sex Criminals Vol. 1 and Blake is into Superman #38 … [Read more...]

All New Showcase Episode 310: Six Years of Super Cinema

A few weeks ago, Warner Bros announced their slate of planned DC Comics movies through 2020. Not to be outdone, Marvel hit us with Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe a few days later. With Sony and Fox joining the fray with their licenses, there are over three dozen superhero movies in the works that we know of. This week, the Showcasers talk about the movies that have … [Read more...]