Episode 2: Winter Soldier

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Adam and Casey discuss Marvel’s newest film, The Winter Soldier

Top 5: Hawkguy

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The Top 5 Biggest Comics Releases of the Week.

Top 5: 1.29.14

earth 2 annual

Top 5 Biggest Comics Releases for the week of January 29th.

Top 5 Comics: 12.11.13

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Top 5 Biggest Comic Releases

Book of the Week: The Death of Everyone

invincible death

Grant Morrison’s Animal Man run has a giant hardcover omnibus.

Weekly Recommendations: Gods


In this week’s new comics, GODS. WILL. FALL.

Weekly Recommendations: Heroes Fall

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New comics!

Weekly Recommendations: Deus Ex Machine Gunner


A trio of Avengers books! East of West! Jupiter’s Children!

Weekly Recommendations: the Devil May Cry


Constantine! Daredevil! New Avengers!!!

The Adam Awards


The best of Comics in 2012.