Books of the Week: A Knight in Ellis

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Warren Ellis’ Moon Knight run is out in softcover this week.

Book of the Week: Einstein Busts a Cap

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Happy! Manhattan Projects!!

The Adam Awards


The best of Comics in 2012.

2-in-1-Shot Episode 1: K’Rot?

Blake’s bringing in a new format for the occasional mini-episode, starting this week, the 2-in-1-Shot! When you see this, expect a quick rant on a single topic, then you can be on your way. In this first shot, Blake looks at the introduction of “Captain K’Rot” in DC’s upcoming Threshold title, then gives a quick […]

Weekly Recommendations: The Death of Everyone Except the Avengers



Weekly Recommendations: Journey’s End


Oh A-Babies vs X-babies, you’re so adorable.

Graphic Panels on the Manhattan Projects

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Graphic Panels discusses one of our favorite ongoing comics!

Weekly Recommendations: Snyder House Rules


Hey folks, Adam here.  No major news for the store this week.  Jason, you may have noticed, is renovating the upstairs area, making it temporarily off limits. Sorry for that.  But we have plans for it that we think you’ll be very excited about… when it’s done. Check out this week’s 2-in-1 Showcase, in which […]

Recommendations: Indie Week


Hi folks, Adam here. Before I get started talking about today’s books, I’d just like to remind anyone who is or has kids interested in our Ninjago contest, the deadline is Saturday. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, make sure to ask when you stop by the store. Now!  New comics!  For some […]

Read This Now: Manhattan Projects #1


Jonathan Hickman must be the best kept secret in comics. The man is one of 3 people I would love to see placed in charge of redefining the Marvel Universe.  And yet on another level, I’m glad he isn’t.  Marvel has a history of taking indie writers, wringing the talent out of them and making […]