Showcase One Shot #16: Geek Media Inventory

With the world around him determined to make everything into a competition, this week Blake refuses to play the game. Instead, he talks about the many, many comic book properties currently in development as TV shows and movies, and explains why — no matter what you feel about any project in particular — it’s all […]

Books of the Week: Trinity War

This Week’s Biggest Graphic Novels, TPB’s and Hardcover Collected Editions in the World of Comics.

Top 5: Devil’s End

The top 5 biggest comic book releases of the week.

Showcase One Shot #15: Many Happy Returns

Wally West. Ted Kord. Peter Parker. In the past week, all three of them have been confirmed to be returning to the comic book shelves in the next few months. And as if that wasn’t enough, DC’s bringing back their old title Secret Origins as well. And Blake, for one, couldn’t be happier. And what’s […]

Christmas Eve Comics!

New Comics Day is on Christmas Eve!

Top 5 Comics: 12.11.13

Top 5 Biggest Comic Releases

Top 5 Comics for 10/23/13

Top 5 Biggest Comics for the week of October 23rd.

Top 5 Biggest Comics: Sept 25

This week’s biggest comics!

All New Showcase Episode 294: Whoa-Oh-Oh, It’s Magic!

Blake and Kenny make the trek to Slidell for the second Magic Mini-Con! The guys chat with Vernon Smith about his new comic Hide, Travis Hymel and Joe Badon about the upcoming Memoirs of the Mysterious, as well as Travis’s webcomic Punch and Joe’s Outside the Lines graphic novel, and Kurt Amacker gives us an […]

Showcase One-Shot #11: Villains Month Mumbo-Jumbo

With Villain’s Month starting this week at DC Comics, Blake talks briefly about the controversy with the special covers. More importantly, he talks about the conclusion of Trinity War and the run-up to Forever Evil. Contact us with comments, suggestions, or anything else at! And what’s cool this week? Blake recommends Itty Bitty Hellboy […]