The Biggest (Podcast) Crossover Event EVER!

We interrupt your regularly scheduled BSI Comics Podcast to bring you something special. Adam got together with 3 other podcasters to do a crossover episode.   The subject is Marvel Superhero Island, the Marvel - based theme park land in Universal Studios Orlando. Universal Studios is currently the only place in the world where you can find rides based on Marvel … [Read more...]

All-New Showcase Episode 315: All-New All-Different Avengers

Last week, Marvel released their new slate of titles to follow Secret Wars. This week, Blake and Erin peruse the previews and talk about which ones look like they’ll be worth reading and which ones they’re probably going to pass on. And they also discuss the most important question: just how “all-new, all-different” does it really look like Marvel is getting? And what’s cool … [Read more...]

Marvel Enters the Secret Wars

This week Marvel Comics' Secret Wars event begins. The original 1984 Secret Wars comic was one of the first company-wide comics events.  Arguably, Secret Wars and Crisis on Infinite Earths are responsible for the event comic trend that dominates the Big Two.  Appropriately, this has led to a bafflingly similar premise for their respective events this year. DC's … [Read more...]

Ep 20: The Great BSI- Showcase Crossover

For Marvel Comics' 75th Anniversary, they put out a list of their 75 greatest comic stories of all time.  Both Adam and Blake Petit vehemently disagreed with that list. So they hatched a plan to come up with their own lists of favorite Marvel Comics stories!  In this episode, Blake comes on the BSI Comics Podcast to talk about his list. Adam then goes on  All New Showcase to … [Read more...]

All New Showcase Episode 306: Marvel Memories (The Showcase/BSI Comics Crossover)

With Marvel's fan-voted list of their 75 greatest stories making the rounds, Blake joins up with Adam of the BSI Comics Podcast to give their own choices for Marvel's finest. We discuss Adam's picks here -- to hear Blake's choices, look for this week's BSI Comics Podcast! And what's cool this week? Adam is impressed by The Wicked + The Divine and Blake enjoyed the second … [Read more...]