BSI Comics Podcast Ep 12: BSI vs Dunham

Adam and Ashley talk news and reviews!

BSI Comics Podcast Episode 11: Fangirl Fatale

Everyone’s favorite fangirl, Ashley Rose is back!

More Websites Every Nerd Should Visit

Some of the best geek-centric websites on the interwebs, including some of our own!

BSI vs the 2013 Adam Awards

Adam, Casey and Fred talk about the best comics of 2013!

Graphic Panels on Iron Man 3

Adam is joined by Mathilda creator, Tedd Walley to discuss Iron Man 3.

Graphic Panels on Movies and TV

This week Casey and Adam discuss the current news regarding comic-based films and television shows.

2 in 1 Showcase Episode 277: The 2012 Holiday Movie Preview

Delayed a few days by technical difficulties, the Showcase is back! This week, Blake and Erin talk about the big Disney/Lucasfilm news before diving into the big movie releases of November and December. James Bond returns! Peter Jackson takes us back to Middle-Earth! Lincoln rises from the grave or something! And lest we forget: Cirque […]

If You Loved Marvel’s Avengers Movie…

Whether you’ve seen Joss Whedon’s Avengers or not, Mark Millar’s Ultimates 1 & 2 are the perfect companion piece to this Summer’s biggest blockbuster.

2 in 1 Showcase Episode 195: 2010 Holiday Movie Preview

It’s November, and that means for the next two months the movie theaters will be packed with films that will be surefire bloc– um… will be amusing and diverting forms of enterta– eh… that the studios think you’re more likely to pay to see than the crap they released in September. This week, the boys […]

2 in 1 Showcase Episode 193: The Universal Wolfman

It’s time for the annual 2 in Showcase Halloween Movie Marathon! This year, the guys sit down and do battle with five films from the Universal Pictures Wolfman franchise: The Wolfman (1941), Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman (1943), Werewolf of London (1935), She-Wolf of London (1946) and the 2010 remake of The Wolfman. Our favorites? Our […]