Ep 60: Twitchy

Adam and Fletch discuss Star Wars Rogue One, Fox throwing Josh Trank under the bus, a bunch of news from Disney's D23 convention and a few comics they've been reading. To directly download the show, click HERE. To listen to the show via Stitcher, click HERE. You can also subscribe on iTunes. Fletch's twitter. Adam and Fletch have a photobooth business, BOOM … [Read more...]


Everyone's favorite BSI employee, Monty and superstar artist Tim Lattie join Adam on the new BSI Comics Podcast.   The three of them discuss the best comics, TV shows, movies and music of 2014.   There is also a lot of discussion on the nature of those industries... and some dude talk as well. There is a bit of adult language used in this episode.  So be warned. Check out … [Read more...]

Civil War- What Is It Good For?

Lately we seem inundated with rumors about the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). “Avengers 3 will be 2 parts!” “Spider-man joins the Avengers in Avengers 3!” “Robert Downey Jr is an alien love god!” As of last night, the newest rumor is that Captain America 3 will feature elements of Civil War, which would play out in Avengers 3. Civil War was a Marvel Comics event … [Read more...]


Jojo and Cuddle Bear tackle an absolutely awful list ranking 30 of the Marvel movies.  With such a list in play, they have no recourse but to list both of their top 10 Marvel movies.  They also discuss David Goyer's stupid comments and Edgar Wright's unfortunate news. Come along.  Let's get weird with the Challengers of the Adorable. Ashley Rose can be found talking … [Read more...]

BSI Comics Podcast Ep 12: BSI vs Dunham

In this episode, Adam and AshleyRose talk some news and then recommend some of their favorite comics that you should be reading.  Note: this was recorded at PJ's Coffee, so there is some background noise. It's not too bad though. Ashley Rose can be found talking geek-stuff on her twitter. Adam can be found on his Disney/ Universal Studios podcast or his adults only comedy … [Read more...]