The Biggest (Podcast) Crossover Event EVER!


A crossover event you won’t soon forget!

State of the Comics Union

Adam and Blake Petit discuss the state of the industry.

Episode 1 (again): An All New, All Different BSI Podcast

BSI cast Banner

Adam and AshleyRose announce a new era in the BSI Comics Podcast.

More Websites Every Nerd Should Visit

detective 27

Some of the best geek-centric websites on the interwebs, including some of our own!

BSI Comics Podcast Ep 9: The Wizard and Reboots

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Adam and Wayne talk about Wizard and character changes in the DCU.

Re-Post: BSI vs the Real American Heroes

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Sorry for the lack of update last week. Adam is on vacation. To make up for it, here is one of my favorite past episodes.  Big Jon Stud joined Adam and Casey for the first time to talk about one of the greatest films EVER: GI Joe The Movie.  No, not the one with Magic […]

Podcast Episode 7: BSI vs MARVEL NOW… ER.

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Adam and Big Jon Stud talk about MARVEL NOW!

BSI Comics Podcast Episode 4: BSI vs Solo Podcasting

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Adam gives a short, solo rundown of his thoughts on recent news items.

BSI Comics Podcast: Re-broadcast

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In a repost of an old episode, Adam and Casey discuss the first adventure of pulp bad guy, Parker.

BSI Comics Podcast Episode 3- BSI vs The Doctor

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Adam and Casey discuss the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special.