Book of the Week: Spider-verse Omnibus


Spider-verse Omnibus

All New Showcase Episode 314: Free Comic Book Day 2015

Free Comic Book Day rolls around once again, and once again Blake and Kenny — joined for the first time by Erin — man a table at BSI Comics in Metairie. This time around the gang chats about recent events in the Flash and Gotham TV shows, give their thoughts on Divergence, All New All […]

Top 5: Marshall on Mars


Top 5 Comics

All New Showcase One-Shot #18: A Spider in Disney’s Web


Shocking the world, this week Disney and Sony announced an unprecedented arrangement to bring Spider-Man home to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In this mini-episode, Blake talks about what it means for the future of Spidey, for the MCU, and how another property that was recently relaunched with a successful film, then followed up by a […]

Ep 36: A Force-d Entry


Marvel gets A Force.

Top 5: Vader

thor 5

The top 5 of the week!

All New Showcase Episode 312: Secret Convergence

Marvel and DC have both made big announcements lately about the big events that are coming down the line, and this week Blake and Erin break them down. We talk about Secret Wars and the announced (so far) crossover titles, DC’s Convergence and the June mini-relaunch of the DCU! And what’s cool this week? Erin […]

Top 5: Creeple Peeple

spider-man 13

Top Spot goes to Creeple Peeple by artist Tim Lattie!

Ep 31: Live from Fairgrinds


Team JojoBears, live from the Fairgrinds!

TOP 5: DEC 10


1. TMNT Ongoing #1 2. Avengers/ X-men Axis #7 3. Spider-man and the X-men #1 4. Avengers #39 5. Thor #3