All New Showcase Episode 307: A Good Day For Geek TV


The new season of The Walking Dead starts tonight, and that means we’ll have five live-action, prime time TV shows based on comics at once, with several more on the way. This week, Blake and Erin talk about the beginnings of The Flash and Gotham, the new season of Agents of SHIELD, Peter Capaldi’s first […]

Top 5: Sinful

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The Top 5 Biggest Comics of the Week

Top 5: Images

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Top 5 Biggest Comics Releases of the Week.

Top 5: Dare

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Top 5 Biggest Comics of the Week

Showcase One Shot #16: Geek Media Inventory

With the world around him determined to make everything into a competition, this week Blake refuses to play the game. Instead, he talks about the many, many comic book properties currently in development as TV shows and movies, and explains why — no matter what you feel about any project in particular — it’s all […]

Books of the Week: Avatar

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The best Graphic Novel, TPB’s and Hardcover collections of the week.

Top Five: 2.12.14

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The 5 biggest comics on stands this week.

All New Showcase Episode 299: The 2013 Year in Review

In our annual exercise in excess, Blake and Kenny sit down and go through all the big geek news of 2013 — hit movies, comic controversies, and the creators who left us. Plus, we give our picks and yours for the best of 2013! Music provided by Music Alley from Mevio. All New Showcase #299: […]

Top 5 Comics 11.13.13

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The Top 5 Biggest Comics for the week of November 13, 2013

All New Showcase Episode 295: The Return of the Return of the Return

It’s the season of returns in this week’s Showcase, as Blake returns to Pittsburgh and Erin returns to the show! We start off with the return of The Walking Dead for season four, then delve into the announcements from this weekend’s New York Comic-Com! The return of Miracleman! The return of the New Warriors! The […]