You may have read my Comic Books for Beginners: Marvel Edition. If not, you can read it here.  The gist of it is that I am occasionally called upon to recommend books for new readers.  In this case I am specifically referring to Trade Paperback/ Hardcover collections and Graphic Novels, rather than current series.  I think its best to give a new reader a complete story to start … [Read more...]

All New Showcase Episode 317: Star Wars Land and More From D23

This weekend was D23, the big biannual Disney convention out in California, and some massive nerd news hit the internet. In this episode Blake and Erin chat about the announcement of Star Wars Land and Toy Story Land, as well as some tidbits about upcoming Disney, Marvel, Pixar and Lucasfilm movies, the expansion of Frozen at Epcot Center, a new Jungle Cruise restaurant, and … [Read more...]

Ep 41: Killing Barbara Gordon

Fletch and Adam disuss comics and pop culture news. Subjects include Jason Mamoa's message for Marvel, the Lego Jurassic Park Video Game, Marvel's Star Wars comics, the upcoming Star Wars: Rogue One movie, Paul Walker jokes and Superman & Wonder Woman's controversial new looks.  They also tackle the controversy surrounding a Joker variant that DC decided not to … [Read more...]

All New Showcase Episode 310: Six Years of Super Cinema

A few weeks ago, Warner Bros announced their slate of planned DC Comics movies through 2020. Not to be outdone, Marvel hit us with Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe a few days later. With Sony and Fox joining the fray with their licenses, there are over three dozen superhero movies in the works that we know of. This week, the Showcasers talk about the movies that have … [Read more...]

Episode 25: In a Flash

For the first time ever...  ADAM. ADMITS. HE'S WRONG. Tune in, true believers! To directly download the show, click HERE. To listen to the show via Stitcher, click HERE. You can also subscribe on iTunes. … [Read more...]