Showcase One Shot #16: Geek Media Inventory

With the world around him determined to make everything into a competition, this week Blake refuses to play the game. Instead, he talks about the many, many comic book properties currently in development as TV shows and movies, and explains why — no matter what you feel about any project in particular — it’s all […]

Books of the Week: Trinity War

This Week’s Biggest Graphic Novels, TPB’s and Hardcover Collected Editions in the World of Comics.

Top 5: Devil’s End

The top 5 biggest comic book releases of the week.

Top 5 Comics: 1.22.14

Top 5 Biggest Comic Book Releases of the week.

Top 5 Comics 12.18.13


Showcase One-Shot #14: Wonder Woman Whining

This week, the upcoming Man of Steel sequel got another confirmed cast member — Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman! Predictably, the internet started to have a hissy fit. This week, Blake takes on the Wonder Woman Whiners, as well as those getting huffy over Indiana Jones, and asks for your suggestions for this year’s Showcase […]

Top 5 11.20.13

The biggest comics released this week.

Wonder Woman # One for One Dollar!

This week, Wonder Woman #1 is $1!

Book of the Week: East of West

The week’s best Hardcovers, Trades and Graphic Novels.

Weekly Recommendations: HULK SMASH DINOSAUR!

New Comics for the week of August 20th