You may have read my list of favorite characters to play in Disney Infinity. If not, you can find it here. There are literally hundreds of Disney-owned characters that could be made into figures and playsets. There are so many that Infinity fans have been arguing over the subject.  So here is my wishlist of figures I would like to see. 10. Darkhawk- This is one of my … [Read more...]


Fletch Boogie is back in the saddle for this week's BSI Comics Podcast.  Fletch and Adam discuss various news items including the exile of Slave Leia, X-Men Apocalypse news, a Greatest American Hero reboot, Doctor Strange, Klaus, Disney Infinity and then we have a discussion on Bleeding Cool and "Comic Book Journalism". Fletch’s twitter. To directly download the show, … [Read more...]

Top 5: Deadpool and 007

Deadpool #1 James Bond #1 Extraordinary X-men #1 Star Wars #11 Uncanny X-men #600 … [Read more...]


A few days ago a friend of mine asked for recommendations of Marvel comics.  He's been reading comics for a long time, but hasn't read as much as I have.  It got me to thinking about what I would recommend to someone who has never read a comic book before.  Working in a comic shop, you're required to do this all the time, but I've never made a formal list before.  So here is … [Read more...]

All-New Showcase Episode 315: All-New All-Different Avengers

Last week, Marvel released their new slate of titles to follow Secret Wars. This week, Blake and Erin peruse the previews and talk about which ones look like they’ll be worth reading and which ones they’re probably going to pass on. And they also discuss the most important question: just how “all-new, all-different” does it really look like Marvel is getting? And what’s cool … [Read more...]