The Krewe

spider-grazulisJason was raised by a nomadic tribe and has lived in just about every corner of New Orleans. Formerly a professional juggler, photographer, and a Systems Engineer he is now a corporate ex pat who loves comic books and the people who read them. Oh, and according to Monty, he hates everything. So if he says something is good it must be REALLY good. Jason is currently reading the Starman archives.

Jason’s Favorites: Promethea, Transmetropolitan, Preacher, Walking Dead, Sandman, Fables, and just about anything by Vertigo.


montytronMonty is part artist, part machine, and 100% awesome.  When he’s not bitching about Michael Bay ruining his favorite franchise he’s working on his web comic Welcome to Border City.

Monty’s Favorites: Transformers, Umbrella Academy, Deadpool, and anything by Humberto Ramos.


What little we know about Jon is contrived from myth and legend. We do know that he was raised in Africa and that he may or may not be a champion spear thrower. If you have a question about anything to do with GI Joe then Jon is the person to ask. Jon also has the uncanny ability to identify any musical score.

Jon’s Favorites: Anything by Brian M. Bendis.